Welcome to my personal webpage! Here is select information about my research and teaching interests.

Energy Economics


"A Spatial Panel Data Approach to Estimating U.S. State-Level Energy Emissions"

In this particular research project we used the latest spatial econometric models to better understand the drivers of state-level carbon dioxide emissions. The model allowed us to control for spatial dependencies across states. We found positive economic spillovers and negative price spillovers to state-level emissions.

  • Journal: Energy Economics
  • Status: Published
  • Year: 2013

Journal of Policy Modeling


"Carbon dioxide emissions and economic growth in the U.S."

In this particular research project we explored a unique data set of monthly carbon dioxide emissions in the US to analyze the relationship between emissions and economic growth. Specifically, we used time series model to examine this relationship.

  • Journal: Journal of Policy Modeling
  • Status: Published
  • Year: 2013

Review of Regional Studies


"Forecasting U.S. State-Level Carbon Dioxide Emissions"

In this paper we found that spatial econometric models provided superior predictions of state-level carbon dioxide emissions over standard ordinary least square models.

  • Journal: Review of Regional Studies
  • Status: Forthcoming
  • Year: 2014

Letters in Spatial and Resource Science


"Forecasting province-level CO2 emissions in China"

In this research project we used spatial econometric models to forecast province-level carbon dioxide emissions in China.

  • Journal: Letters in Spatial and Resource Science
  • Status: Published
  • Year: 2013

USAEE Dialogue


"Unconventional Gas Development and Local Public Finance: Evidence from the Barnett Shale"

This is a short policy draft based on a research project in which we are exploring the local economic impacts from shale gas development in the Barnett shale region in Texas. The full manuscript is currently under review. Stay tuned for further updates soon.

  • Journal: USAEE Dialogue
  • Status: Forethcoming
  • Year: 2014

Applied Energy


"An empirical analysis of the role of China’s exports on CO2 emissions"

In this research project we explored the role of China's exports on its own CO2 emissions.

  • Journal: Applied Energy
  • Status: Published
  • Year: 2013

About Me

I currently serve as an Assistant Professor within the Economics Department at the College of Charleston (CofC). My research emphasizes the applications of applied microeconomic theory to solving and analyzing problems in resource economics and policy. Before CofC, I served three years as an assistant professor at West Virginia University (WVU).

Research Interests

My research (currently) consists of the following topics:

  • applied microeconomics
  • energy economics
  • environmental economics
  • policy
  • econometrics
  • economic geography


I have served as reviewer for the following journals:

  • Land Economics
  • Resource and Energy Economics
  • Public Choice
  • Annals of Regional Science
  • Agricultural and Resource Economics Review
  • Natural Resources Research
  • Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews
  • Applied Energy
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change


American Economic Association
US Association of Energy Economics
Southern Economic Association
Agricultural and Applied Economics Association
Northeastern Agricultural and Resource Economics Association
North American Regional Science Council


Here is a copy of my teaching philosophy: statement_teaching_philosophy.

I current teach four courses at the College of Charleston (click on the link to see the course syllabi):

ECON 200: Principles of Microeconomics
ECON 311: Environmental Economics
ECON 317: Microeconomic Analysis
EVSS 601: Economic Theory for Policy Analysis

At West Virginia University (WVU) I taught the following:

ARE 187: Energy Resource Economics
ARE 445/693: Energy Economics
ARE 703: Dynamic Optimization

Student Comments

Here are some comments that past students have made on course evaluations:

“... knowledgeable & always prepared.”

"He is a well-rounded teacher. Very knowledgeable..."

"Very good at feeling whether or not he needed to tone up or down in lecture."

"Dr. Burnett relays information in a way that makes me think. One of the greatest Profs. I have had at WVU."

"The instructor has always been available and open to discuss homework and economic concepts. You can tell he really wants you to learn, and he is happy doing what he does. I would recommend him for a professor for future students."

"Really enthusiastic about the material & encouraged participation in every class."

"The instructor was amazing. The material for this course is challenging but Dr. Burnett made it easy to understand. Tests and assignments were difficult but grading was fair and I learned a lot from class. Best Teacher I have had so far."

Contact Me

J. Wesley Burnett
Assistant Professor
Economics Department
College of Charleston
Beatty Center
Suite 413
Charleston, SC 29424